Endekay Flossbrush Yellow 0.70mm


Endekay Flossbrush Yellow 0.70mm

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Endekay Flossbrush Yellow 0.70mm If you find flossing a fiddle then the Endekay Flossbrush provides the perfect solution. The Endekay Flossbrush Yellow is an effective, easy and comfortable way of cleaning the interdental (the space between the teeth) area of your teeth. Small and easily manoeuverable, an Endekay flossbrush can clean the areas that toothbrushes may find difficult to reach. The Endekay Flossbrush can help to remove food debris and plaque, both of which are causes of tooth decay. An Endekay Flossbrush Yellow can be used as part of your daily dental routine and keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Most people require two or more sizes to effectively clean their mouth, as the gaps between your teeth do vary.


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